All of your Favorite apps in one super smart hub.

It's time to give your Chrome's new tab a facelift.

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Why Is It Special

Incredibly Useful

Access all of your favourite Social, Gaming, Shopping and Music apps with a slick and super intuitive user interface!

Amazing Wallpapers

Beautiful High quality images in an ever expanding gallery!

Powerful Search

Integrated with top search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo in one place


All of your Favorite apps in one (super smart) hub! It's time to give your Chrome new tab a facelift.

Awesome Features

Awesome Social Experience

SocialHub changes the way you interact with your Chrome browser allowing you easy access to all of your favorite Social apps.

Fast and Simple

Light, fast, intuitive and super easy to use. Try it. Love it

Awesome Games

Lots of Awesome games are available for free use on SocialHub's Gaming section.

Powerful search

Use SocialHub's powerful search bar to get results from top search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo!

Smart shopping

All of the top shopping platforms can be easily accessed from within the hub, providing you with a smarter, more convenient shopping experience.

Great Music

With Millions of songs and auto generated playlists, you're going to love the Music section of SocialHub.

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